We are a digital media and content creation agency .

And we always work happily.


MALAD is first and foremost Michel Allaireand Lori-Anne Douville, two people with a passion for life, nature and adventure.

Our story began with a harmless exchange on social networks in the autumn of 2021. The more we talked, the more we worked together, the more we realized that we were holding something ultra-special in our hands. "MALAD" came to mind on a beautiful summer afternoon of happiness and photos in the Tremblant region. We were in perfect symbiosis with nature, the weather and the moment.

Michel, with his in-depth knowledge of the Laurentians, his love of sunrises and sunsets and his eye for capturing authenticity, brings a Cartesian yet dreamy side to our projects.

Lori-Anne, an actuary by training, actress, model and yoga teacher, brings an artistic and natural touch to the content, in all its simplicity, so that our combined strengths create an explosive duo.

Because everything we do, everything we touch, every customer who comes on board with us, one thing is guaranteed: the end product is always BAD!


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Despite the challenges and the unexpected, there's always beauty in everything.

Life is good!



From the age of fourteen, I took part in fashion contests in girls' magazines. I loved being in front of the camera, doing fashion shows and acting. Then, several years later, I chose a different path and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science from Concordia University in 2003. Not quite on my X, I decided to take a trip to get to know myself a little better.

I discovered my passion for yoga on my return. I decided to take a Bikram yoga teacher training course in Palm Springs, California in 2009. I teach and practice it all over the world. Still teaching hot yoga, I returned to my modeling passion and landed more and more advertising and photo contracts, unknowingly bringing me closer to my goal.

Then, one day, I came across Michel's folio holder. We click (no pun intended) instantly! The rest is history. My "dots" finally all lined up. I trusted life and my gut.

I'm a lover and enthusiast of life. Whether it's modeling and acting in front of the camera, teaching hot yoga, working for our partners at MALAD or being a mom and devoted family woman, no matter what hat I wear, I always give my best.

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. - Steve Jobs