Our services

Here's an overview of the services we offer.

Photo content creation

It's not about quantity, it's about quality. We produce quality visual content that stands out in the marketplace. Our goal is to attract, amaze and retain your target customers. Content creation allows a product to stand out in the news feed with the help of photos, for example. Remember, images speak first.

PHOTO content creation - Creating quality photo content is essential to achieving your social networking objectives. This creates engagement, humanizes your products, inspires current and potential customers, gives you notoriety and credibility, and promotes your products and sales.

Are you ready for some MALAD content? Find the photo package that's right for you.

Video content creation

Did you know that 80% of people would rather watch a video than read a text? That we have less than 3 seconds to capture the attention of our target audience? So it's vital to have content that packs a punch.

VIDEO CONTENT CREATION - Video content creation is practically a must these days. She's ubiquitous, accessible and influential. Videos help you capture the attention of your target audience by arousing emotions. This creates community engagement, brings your products and company to life, converts "viewers" into customers, and gives you credibility and notoriety.

Do you want to experience emotions with MALAD? Here are our video packages.

Social media management

Want to shine on social networks? Our community management service is here to serve you. Good content and tasteful content make all the difference on digital platforms. We offer the possibility of publications and engagement, moderation of the different company accounts and contest management. Why would you want to partner with one of our experts to manage your social networks? Because the result will be MALAD!

  • Methodical: our community manager puts calculated, intelligent effort into promoting products and services.
  • Allumé(e): he/she is allumé(e) and original - no flat content.
  • Link: he/she creates links with the community by commenting, congratulating and engaging in conversation, which creates credibility.
  • Love: he/she puts a lot of love into it, which enables him/her to get results in real time.
  • Savvy: our social media animator adapts to the unexpected, to new practices and is always in solution mode, while remaining human.

See our community management packages.


At MALAD, we know that graphic design isn't just about aesthetics, it's about powerful visual communication. Our team creates designs that don't just look good, but tell a story, convey your values and captivate your audience.

Graphic design of MALAD :

  • Posters and ads: We design posters and ads that don't just stand out, but tell your story in a captivating and memorable way.
  • Annual Reports and Presentations: Our designs transform your annual reports and presentations into powerful communication tools, combining professionalism and creativity.
  • Content for Social Media: We produce visuals that engage, inspire and interact with your audience on social networks, strengthening your online presence.

With MALAD, every design is a work of art, created to attract, amaze and retain your target customers. We don't just create visuals, we bring your vision to life.